Who wants to get healthy in January?

We do!

We just discovered this free 21 day Vegan kickstart program that includes nutritional webcasts, a restaurant guide, a full 21 day meal plan, a community forum for support as well as daily messages sent to you to keep you motivated.  It starts on January 2, 2012 so you have exactly 12 days to make the choice.

If you aren’t sure this kind of diet isn’t for you we suggest you watch the documentary Forks Over Knives  and gain a better understanding of the old slogan, “You are what you eat!”

I did a 25 day vegan, caffeine/wheat/alcohol free purge last January and I can honestly say I felt great the entire time.  I prepped myself for it and had recipes ready to go.  I ate tons of fruits and vegetables and lots of fiber, green tea, oatmeal and beans.  I felt healthy. While I didn’t stay that strict in the 11 months to follow I was much more aware of what I was putting into my mouth.  So, I will do it again this January and hope to learn more and make new adaptations to my eating regime.

There is more on the kickstart website.  It’s all brought to us by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine…which means medical doctors are behind this movement to get America on the healthy train.

This is just one of a whole array of choices you can make towards getting healthier.  You don’t have to pick this one….just pick one.

Cheers to a HEALTHY and happy New Year!  –Melissa

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