The PrincetonScoop Kindness Countdown!


You may have noticed some of our Instagram posts lately–like the ones above–with suggestions on how to practice acts of kindness. It’s The PrincetonScoop Kindness Countdown!

Our goal is to infuse our community with a little more thoughtfulness and a lot more JOY. We encourage our community come together for the month of December for small acts of kindness like smiling at strangers, holding the door or any little acts that pay it forward. It is our hope that all of neighbors, old and young, will participate in this project with the hope of creating a kinder community during this month, and beyond.

Follow along with us on Instagram for ideas on how to make the world a kinder place, and feel free to tag us with your OWN ideas, or photos of yourself practicing kindness. We love that stuff. And we love our community. So let’s take care of each other, and let’s spread some kindness!

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