Thank You Volunteers!!

Not many know about the week where people who volunteer for causes they believe in are celebrated. VolunteerConnect has taken it upon themselves to remind everyone that National Volunteer Week is from April 15 to the 21st this year. Sometimes we forget to thank the people who go above and beyond for the bettering of the community.

There are plenty of non-profit organizations that are looking for devoted people who are willing to spare some time and hard work in exchange for seeing their visions become a reality. In the state of New Jersey there are nine million potential volunteers and 40,000 non-profits in need of volunteers, so VolunteerConnect is encouraging all who are willing and available to volunteer.  National Volunteer Week is the right time to reflect on what you might feel passionate about like organic foods, recycling or tutoring the less fortunate, and then help a non-profit organization that needs you.

This is also a great time for non-profits to thank and recognize their volunteers for helping the organizations. Non-profits are encouraged to give their volunteers a special note, a wonderful breakfast or an award in order to recognize the hard work that their volunteers are doing in order to improve the lives of others.

By making more people aware of National Volunteer Week, it will set an example for the community about bringing amazing changes through teamwork. If you have a spectacular story about the impact volunteers have had on your organization or an inspirational volunteer story, then VolunteerConnect would love to hear it. Visit to share your story and have it highlighted on their website in order to celebrate the ability that volunteers have to making a difference.

By Gabby Castelan for PrincetonScoop

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