Soccer Centers in Somerset, NJ

Soccer Centers in Somerset, NJ
soccer centers

How Soccer Centers Offers the Ultimate Sports Experience

Throughout its history, the game of soccer has evolved. Today, the game is faster, the players are stronger, and tactical strategies are smarter. For a soccer player who wants to play at a competitive level he/she needs to be guided by elite experts, and needs to play in the best environment possible. Soccer Centers in Somerset, NJ is the pinnacle in professional training. Built in December 2015, Soccer Centers’ 44,000 square ft. dome facility is the largest in the Tri-State area, meeting the highest standards of modern gameplay and cutting edge technology. Climate control ensures perfect playing conditions year-round; patented turf technology replicates the look of real grass, while offering superior consistency and safety. Cleanliness, proper lighting, licensed and trained staff, including referees all add to the ambiance and total experience. The all-around practicality of the facility is a big reason why players from as New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and throughout New Jersey flock to Soccer Centers.

soccer centers
Soccer Players Receive Classical Training from Qualified Instructors
Soccer Centers is home to Dutch Total Soccer— a training program designed to maximize the potential of players through exercises and drills which emphasize fundamental skills. In soccer, ball control is extremely important. If a player can control the ball, the better he/she will be able to dribble, pass, receive, and shoot. The coaches at Dutch Total Soccer understand this principle, so they conduct a series of drills that will consistently improve a player’s ability to control and move the ball. Players are put into groups based on age and experience, and if a player shows improvement, he/she will be challenged with progressively tougher individual and group-based goals. At Dutch Total Soccer, the mission is to mold successful soccer players who can effortlessly control the ball, flourish within a group structure, and know what to do during in-game situations.

soccer centers

Field Hockey Players Receive Classical Training, Too

Field hockey, soccer’s sister sport, is also taught at Soccer Centers. The Total Dutch Field Hockey Programs grooms young girls to become dynamic athletes. Like soccer, there is an emphasized focus on teaching the fundamentals. Important facets of the game such as passing, receiving, shooting and goalkeeping are improved through drills and scrimmages. The Dutch-style training does wonders for girls of all ages and skill levels. Players who have never picked up a hockey stick will be able advance rapidly if they commit to the program, and experienced players are able to reach the next level by tweaking their game.

The Outdoor and Indoor Fields Are Equally Maintained

The indoor facility is popular because it can be used year-round – keeping players warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, there are times when players and coaches will prefer to use the outdoor fields. For many soccer facilities, this can be a problem because the outdoor facilities are left untended. Soccer Centers in Somerset, NJ, however, takes great care of their outdoor facility. The grounds are covered in synthetic turf, playing areas are kept clean, and there’s plenty of space for players to run. In the spring-summer seasons players will participate outdoors unless there’s disagreeable weather like rain or a scorching heat wave.


Sports Can be the Gateway to Mental and Physical Wellness

Players of all ages can benefit from being active in a sport. When a player is young, sports can help improve academic achievements, boost self-esteem, develop strong friendships, and can improve physical health.

Adults can use sports as a form of stress relief, mental stimulation, and a physical challenge.

The bottom line is that sports can improve one’s day-to-day life. For youth, it’s important to get involved in sports from an early age, as this helps them be more inclined to develop a strong interest in physical activities later in life. People of different ages and walks of life have participated in camps, classes, tournaments, and leagues at Soccer Centers NJ, which is helping keep New Jersey strong and a sports powerhouse.

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