New in Town: Santé Integrative Pharmacy on Nassau

A whole new kind of pharmacy has arrived in Princeton! Santé Integrative Pharmacy is Princeton’s new local, independent, and certainly innovative pharmacy, owned by Chris Castagna of Pennington Apothecary and his partners, Barry Perzow and Jo Ann Issenman.

They are a pharmacy that combines prescription drug and over-the counter products with natural, complementary health and personal care products–with an all-star staff!  You’ll find pharmacists, homeopaths, estheticians, nutritionists, herbalists, wellness counselors, and skincare specialists working at any given time. They offer personalized attention that addresses the cause of an illness or symptom and the mind, body, spirit and environmental factors impacting one’s health.

The foundational idea behind Santé is that their customers are pro-active about their health and when teamed with knowledgeable professionals will take an active role in their health care. They are open and knowledgeable about a range of wellness options from traditional prescription medicine to homeopathy, to herbal remedies to supplementation and other modalities.

Santé and its healthcare professionals are here to assist your journey from healthcare to selfcare.

Customers coming into Santé, for the first time, say that Santé reminds them of a European pharmacy, or that it smells so good, or that it looks nothing like an American pharmacy. “Santé” translates as “to your health” in French, and like pharmacies found all over Europe, provides a model of a pharmacist assisted by healthcare professionals. Located, in the old Morris Maple paint store, on a charming little enclave of Nassau Street, Santé is adjacent to Café Vienna and Viburnum. The skin care, beauty, and makeup areas will make you swoon. Go and stay awhile. Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea. Chat with their folks.

Santé Integrative Pharmacy accepts all insurance plans and Medicare Part D plans.

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Bodycare, Gifts & Snacks
Pass a lovely and fragrant display of soaps from Provence and lavender items from Sonoma to enter the Naturally Beautiful section of the store.  Designer Jane Henderson, inspired by sea glass, chose the store colors and commissioned local artist Lisa Walsh to hand paint the mural framing the beauty and skin care area. Naturally Beautiful features Jane Irdeale The Skincare Makeup, Dr. Hauschka, One Love Organics, Kahina Giving Beauty, Avene, Sanitas , Spa Ritual, as theyll as “beauty cult” favorites like Sun Potion Shea Butter, Los Poblanos Lip Salve, and Captain Blankenship’s Gold Waves Shimmer Spray.  They carefully monitor their products looking for ingredients they would want to put on their skin and yours.

Vegan and gluten free snacks and drinks are available, as well as Princeton’s best selection of chocolate and licorice.

Vitamins and Supplements
The Santé vitamin and supplement brands are chosen to ensure that they are continually tested for purity and effectiveness. Santé features practitioner brands such as Thorne and Metagenics, as theyll as Pharmax, Pure Encapsulations , Nordic Naturals and more. Ask our staff homeopathic doctors about Boiron remedies or an herbalist about Gaia herbals. Santé also carries CBD products.

Compounding Pharmacy On Site
All paths at Santé Integrative Pharmacy lead to the pharmacy headed by Chris Castagna of Pennington Apothecary. They offer prescription and prescription compounding services, featuring specially tailored doses and delivery methods of your medications. Chris and his staff of pharmacists will review your medications with you and discuss any drug induced nutrient depletions that may occur.

Santé Integrative Pharmacy accepts all insurance plans and Medicare Part D plans

Visit Santé at:
200 Nassau Street, Princeton NJ 08542

609 921 8820 store
609 921 8822 pharmacy

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