Recent Princeton Grad’s “After-Alcohol Aid” to Appear on Shark Tank this Sunday (10% off this weekend!)

Local Friends:

Brooks Powell, a recent Princeton graduate from the Class of 2017, will be appearing on Shark Tank with his company Thrive+®. Thrive+® makes products designed to reduce the negative effects of alcohol–even those you feel the next day. The company’s main product is called After-Alcohol Aid and to use it you simply take 2-4 capsules after your last alcoholic beverage or before going to bed. Their other product is called ORS and is like “Pedialyte, but for adults” and has been shown in a human study to rehydrate as effectively as an IV.

To build excitement for Thrive+® appearing on Shark Tank… this weekend only Thrive+® can be purchased for 10% off on their website if the discount code “SHARKTANK” is used during checkout. Let’s support a local this Sunday and cheer for Brooks on ABC’s Shark Tank at 10|9c.



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