Ready, Set, Race…in a cardboard canoe!

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A great way to escape both the heat and mid-summer boredom this Saturday is to check out the cardboard canoe race in Plainsboro at Water’s Edge Park. 25 teams of two will build and race boats made of everyday materials. Organizers will provide each team with  one 78″ by 120″ sheet of corrugated cardboard, 55 yards 2″ mylar packing tape, one razor knife, one canoe paddle, and one life preserver (PFD), and then it’s up to you to figure out how to turn that into a sea worthy boat!
The winner will be determined by timed heats but there is also a prize based on aesthetics. Youngsters are encouraged to participate and history has shown that age does not necessarily translate to advantage. Registration is limited, however, so hurry! Tech and safety inspections begin at 10 am in the picnic area at Ponds End. More information, full rules, and registration HERE.

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