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Two free hands…..by PScoop blogger extraordinaire Nicole Marino Mathews

Q baby

Octo-Mom I.m not..

When my second son was born 14 months to the day after my first, and 2 days before the infamous Octuplets I thought to myself, .If she can do it so can I.. Well I.m not sure how the Octo-Mom survived it but I was not fairing too well. I needed another set of hands. If that wasn.t possible I needed a safe place for newborn during the day . The bassinet wasn.t doing it; only I would do. After a month of sleepless nights, I google.d fussy baby. Low and behold the answer to my problems, A BABY SLING!

I was overwhelmed with the variety of slings there were available to choose from. I.ve had a bad back ever since I can remember and being pregnant for two years wasn.t helping the situation. Around 5.oclock in the morning I came across what I hoped to not be a mirage – a PERSONAL SLING CONSULANT IN PRINCETON! Quirky Baby was going to save me from my mommy guilt of neglecting my 14 month old; it was going to free up one or dare to dream. BOTH HANDS!

I wish I could remember what my email to quirkybaby.com said, but I am sure it sounded like a cry for help. Living so close to Jane from Quirky Baby, she suggested I come in with my newborn to try on the carriers. Some slings were a challenge for me to get on and off. A fitting was the way to go. Baby Chase and I agreed; we decided on the Beco Baby Carrier. I was torn between picking a fabric for a baby boy or one for a hip mom like myself, so black won out.

I can.t put in words what a lifesaver the carrier is to me, but my husband can attest to my change of mood since I was wearing it. It calmed my newborn instantly which left me more time to put out .toddler fires. with both hands!

You can contact Jane McClintock at www.quirkybaby.com or by phone at (609) 240-4616. She is offering Princeton Scoop moms $5 off of $50+ purchases. Just use coupon code PSCOOP at checkout, or mention it when setting up your in her home appointment!

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