Princeton Reunions


WARNING: prepare for a flood of traffic and a torrential onslaught of orange and black this weekend as Princeton alumni roll into town.


Princeton University Reunions kick of this Thursday in Princeton with more than 20,000 PU graduates expected. The second largest single purchase of beer in the US after the Indy 500, Princeton Reunions are world famous for crazy orange plaid outfits during the day and wild parties at night. Reunion weekend is obviously a huge weekend for Princeton retailers so expect lots of extra traffic in the area.

Some events of the weekend, namely the raucous tent parties you’ll hear raging Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, are kept exclusive by shiny wristbands (available only to alumni, university staff and students) but three notable events are open to the townies too:

The P-rade  This parade of alumni starts at 2 pm on Saturday. Best viewed from the green in front of Nassau Hall, the parade is led by the 25th reunion class and then continues with members of every Princeton class since the class of 1925. Look forward to lots of goofy orange outfits, tiger tales, and entertainment provided by the PU marching band.

The Triangle Show  Another great element of Reunions weekend is the annual Triangle Show. 2 shows: one Friday at 8 and another Saturday at 7:30 McCarter Theatre hosts the 120th annual rendition of this rollicking musical comedy production. The Triangle Show is known for great writing and lots of preppy Princeton boys in drag. This year it is the first medieval themed show and is a great way to cool off after the heat of the day.

Fireworks  Saturday at 9:15 pm, head over to the Campbell fields (the baseball fields east of the football stadium) for the annual fireworks show. In time with the pop tunes and Princeton standards, this amazing display lasts about half an hour. Call 609-258-8100 to check for weather related changes.

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