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Need supplies? Running a generator while you wait for power to be restored? We’ve polled our readers and other sources to find out which local grocery stores and gas stations are open.  Please share additions in the comments below.

Be patient, be generous, and be safe – we are all in this together and we will do best if we take care of each other!

Please be aware of price gouging as local supplies are limited. Altering prices during times of need and hardship is illegal, yet it seems as though some businesses are price gouging. If you come across an instance of price gouging, please report it to the state hotline at (862)209-1030 or (973)220-3474. 

The State of NJ has compiled a list of available hotels, gas stations, pharmacies, etc which can be seen here:

Gas Stations

Princeton- PRINCETON AIRPORT IS MAKING FUEL AVAILABLE FOR GENERATORS ONLY (not suitable for cars) at $5.99/gal. Airpark Rd off 206.     Getty on circle at Route 1 and Washington Road.  Lukoil on Route 1 at Meadow Road.

Sunoco on Nassau is open ‘with plenty of gas for PrincetonScoop readers!’ Gas at $3.91/gal.

Princeton Junction- Sunoco on Princeton-Hightstown Road

Hopewell- Citgo on Princeton Avenue (closed as of 3:15pm 10/31, no updates since)

Pennington- Exxon, BP and Lukoil on Pennington Circle.

Lawrenceville- lukoil on Rt 206/Lawrenceville-Pennington Rd open 11/2

Rocky Hill- Shell on corner of Rt 296 & 518 open (11/1)

Hillsborough- Quik Check on Route 206 (Rumored to have run out as of noon 10/31, no updates since) Exxon Rt 206 (filling cans only as of 4:15pm 10/31)

Hamilton- Getty on Whitehorse & Kuser, Lukoil on Whitehorse near Kuser

Trenton- Corner of Lower Ferry Road and Parkway

Twin Rivers- Hess on Rt 33 allowing cars& cans

East Windsor- Valero on 130 N, exxon on 130 S, only a small line reported at both.

Grocery Stores

Princeton- McCaffrey’s, Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Trader Joe’s

Pennington- ShopRite on Pennington Circle, Stop n Shop on Denow Road (no fresh meat/produce etc)

Plainsboro- Superfresh

Montgomery/Rocky Hill- ShopRite on 206



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