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That wonderful day that comes around once a year is almost here! It’s not St. Patrick’s Day, although it’s equally as exciting, it’s Pi Day! Sure you could celebrate this amazing day doing math and science but how about taking a more fun Princeton-like approach. With so many exciting activities that the whole family can enjoy and the fun you’ll be having, you might almost forget that you’re celebrating a very special birthday.

If you’re wondering how Pi Day came about, it was really thanks to two Princeton locals whose love for their community inspired them. Mimi Omiecinski and Joy Chen made Pi Day come to fruition through their love of Princeton.  Their added knowledge that Einstein was born on March 14. (3.14, clever right!) was the catalyst for this town wide celebration. With the use of their creativity and the help of the community, Pi Day was created.

You’ll need to take part in the Pie judging and the Einstein look-a-like contest.  Other Pi Day events are centered on math and science, Einstein and the Princeton community of course. “Pi Day Princeton is the epitome of creativity, collaboration and community, GENIUS style!” said Pi Day co-founder Joy Chen.

“One of the best things about Pi Day Princeton is the genius way we work together as a community.  The amount of time, talent, creativity and energy that all the sponsoring organizations and the volunteers put into the event is just incredible.  And it is a big part of the reason why this event is so special.” Said Ms. Chen.

For more information on Pi Day visit http://www.pidayprinceton.com/

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