Non Profit Spotlight: One Simple Wish

PrincetonScoop’s Non Profit Spotlight: In Conversation with One Simple Wish’s Sarah Dale

One Simple Wish LogoWhat is the cause/mission of your organization?

One Simple Wish is committed to finding meaningful ways to make a difference in the lives of foster children and at risk youth one wish at a time. We strongly believe that every child deserves a joyful, healthy, and emotionally supportive childhood but children in the foster system are often deprived of these sorts of things. One Simple Wish works to grant the “wishes” of foster children in order to try to spread some joy and add normalcy to their lives. Working with social service agencies, One Simple Wish obtains wishes from individual children, which are then posted to our database for people to donate towards. The wishes can be as simple as a new pair of basketball sneakers or a day out at the movies but each wish that is granted puts a smile on the face of a  foster child.

What is the history or background of your organization?

Our founder and CEO, Danielle Gletow, started One Simple Wish in 2008. Danielle and her husband Joe had always wanted to be foster parents and since becoming so it has greatly changed their lives. After becoming aware of gaps in the foster system as well as situations of abuse and neglect, Danielle sought out more ways to help children in foster care. One Simple Wish was born out of Danielle’s desire to help give foster children happy childhoods with the love and support they deserve.



What do you believe makes One Simple Wish a unique organization?

I think the uniqueness of One Simple Wish stems from the true simplicity of our mission. People are able to search through the many wishes on our website and find one that speaks to them. It is a way for people to connect with and support children who do not have a big enough platform to voice their needs. Furthermore, wish-granters are donating directly to the children in need rather than through another organization so there is great confidence that the money is going directly to its cause!

Can you give some detail on One Simple Wish’s other programs?

One of our other major programs is the Ohana Project. Through this program we aim to provide children, who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect and put into temporary foster care, with immediate in-kind donations. Vital items like baby supplies, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste/toothbrushes, and clothing are collected in care-drives and donated to children who are making the transition into foster care. People can earn more about the Ohana Project and more of our programs at

Do you do any fundraisers or special events throughout the year?

Every year we hold celebrations like a Valentines party, a summer kick-off, back-to-school blowout and a holiday party for foster children in the community. These events are great fun for the kids and we always provide them with items to take home like school backpacks or warm coats for the winter. These events also allow for us to connect with the children One Simple Wish is helping and to see how the organization is affecting their lives. We frequently update information on upcoming events on our website

Another great event is “Dedicate Your Day” which allows people to dedicate a special day like a birthday or wedding to granting children’s wishes through their own personal wish-granting page! For more information on “Dedicate Your Day” visit

What is the best way for people to get involved with, volunteer or support your organization?

There are a number of great ways for people to get involved with One Simple Wish. You can simply grant a wish on our website or you can host a care drive or fundraiser. You can also become a Benefactor as part of our special wish-granting program. Since we strive to make sure every wish is granted, benefactors help us ensure that special occasions like birthdays, graduations and proms are as special as they can be! For more information on volunteer/donation options visit

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As told to Carolyn Walsh for PrincetonScoop

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