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One of the most heartwarming and exciting local events will be taking place on May 4th at 7:30pm and the MaysGroup Investment advisors want to cordially invite the Princeton community to attend. The founders of One Home Many Hopes charity, Anthony Mulongo from Kenya and Thomas Keown from Northern Ireland, will be visiting the U.S. to meet supporters. While they are visiting, the MaysGroup Investment Advisors and the OHMH founders will host a reception honoring the work and the achievements that the charity has accomplished in Kenya.

The One Home Many Hopes organization began with just a few friends with good intentions, to a movement that has touched the hearts of many with donors from coast to coast. The organization wants the community to learn more about their mission to rescue and educate abandoned children in Mtwapa, Kenya. OHMH finds, rescues, houses, loves, educates and brings hope to orphaned and abandoned girls. Due to terrible circumstances there are 2.6 million children under the age of 17 that have no one to turn to in their lives and are forced to live in the streets. One Home Many Hopes is changing and helping shape these children’s future for the better. “We want our events to show people that they can do justice in places like Kenya without leaving their offices or getting a vaccination. We look forward to telling our story to a new group of friends in Princeton” said co-founder and executive director Thomas Keown.

The founder of the MaysGroup Investment Advisors mentions his thoughts about the upcoming event. “As a committed supporter of the One Home Many Hopes mission, we are honored to be able to share their accomplishments with the Princeton community. Our goal is to increase awareness of the challenges faced by millions of girls in Kenya and highlight how OHMH has been making a real difference in their lives.”

The reception will be held on May 4th at the Cherry Valley Country Club in Skillman, New Jersey. The Princeton community is welcomed to learn more about what One House Many Hopes does and what you can do to better a child’s life. If you want more information on this event please contact Edwin Mays, MaysGroup Investment Advisor, at+1 609-512-1655 or Tracy Wemett, One Home Many Hopes, at+1 617-939-3631.

For more information on donating or volunteering for One Home Many Hopes please visit and for more information on the MaysGroup please visit their website at

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