No more tan lines. For realz.


We aren’t a beauty blog and never aim to be. What we’ve promised is we’ll get you the inside scoop. This scoop comes to you from a good friend and the host of t.v.’s past season of The Wandering Golfer on the Fine Living Network, Miss Gia Bocra. As a golf pro her tan is golden, except for her feet which are the whitest things I have ever seen. Recently we went to an event and I had no idea how she’d pull off her high heels with her white feet and tan legs.

sally hansen

Here is the secret weapon. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

May sound tacky, gaudy or awfully New Jerzey but it really works. It will take any man or woman from farmer’s tan/white footed golf goddess to near perfection in about 2 minutes.

We are thinkin’ you’ve maybe been to the pool/Vineyard/beaches all summer and just might have a September wedding to attend and you aren’t quite sure how you will pull off that strapless dress/nude leg/ collarless shirt deal. This is your answer in a bottle. And under $15 at your local drug store.

It is a little messy, has a faint scent, and can stain (watch out) but if you are looking for a simple answer to what could be a nightmare-ish problem….Sally will save you. And we know that even though it says “leg makeup” it just about works anywhere….though we haven’t tested “everywhere”!

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