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Eat, Dream & Lose Weight.  Discover a Whole New Way to Detox!


As we begin a new year, full of possibilities, it seems like everyone is talking about resolutions.  And what is by far the most popular promise that people make to themselves once that ball drops in Time Square?  To lose weight and get healthy!  While the new year is a time to feel hopeful and excited, too often those positive emotions are doused with regret and shame.

Julie Felsher
Julie Felsher

Cue: Julie Felsher, a body transformation coach who teaches functional nutrition to the clients  she works with across the country.  She said that too often, people (especially women) attack what they are most unhappy about.

Resolutions to lose the weight, workout more and indulge less become punishment, which ultimately leads to frustration and self-sabotage.  After a busy holiday season of eating, staying up late and running on empty, does it really make sense to launch an attack on a body that really needs to recover?

After working with hundreds of women, Julie developed a 3-step plan to rescue people from self-attack and to finally get the results they are craving.

  1. NOURISH:  Success in changing body composition will be hard to come by if you dive into a program feeling depleted and under-nourished.  When you’ve been eating excess calories in the form of sugar, alcohol and processed foods, the body begins to break down.  Cooling internal inflammation and getting valuable rest and recovery are critical to this first step.
  1. DETOXIFY:  Once the body gets to a place where it no longer feels under attack, it will naturally start to burn excess fat for energy.  Fat cells are the storage center for toxicity in the body so as the fat moves out, so do toxins.  This important step detoxifies both the body and the mind, ultimately breaking the cycle of chronic dieting.
  1. CONNECT:  Will power and might will only get you so far when making changes to your health.  What you need is PURPOSE and inspiration.  This step is the missing link in so many popular weight loss programs.  What inspires you?  What will continue to pull you forward, even on those days that you don’t feel like walking the path?

These steps are all part of Julie Felsher’s program DREAM: a 21-Day Detox with Purpose for Winter.  The program lasts 21 days and begins this Tuesday January 14th.  For those of you who’s busy lives don’t allow for much time in the kitchen, Julie has partnered with Jennifer Hayden of Hopewell, NJ.  Jennifer will be providing detox approved meals for pick-up each week during the program.

Julie believes that community builds success and the Detox With Purpose community is growing strong.  Throughout the entire program (and beyond) members have access to a private Facebook group where they support each other, share recipes, and forge lasting relationships.

If you are craving change in the New Year and want to be a part of a dynamic community of inspired women, consider DREAM: a 21-Day Detox with Purpose for Winter.  The price for the 3-week program is $197.

Princeton Scoop readers can register using the coupon code DWPSCOOP to receive 50% off.  Grab your spot for just $98 but hurry!  Registration closes at midnight on Monday January 13th.

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