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“It’s my mom. She is in the hospital after a fall and she just cannot come home. I don’t know what the next steps are and I can’t imagine just leaving her at a nursing home.”

“My parents live together in their own home but my mom is growing increasing frail. My dad is in good health but I feel like he cannot take care of my mother anymore. I am trying to tell him that he is putting his health at risk and if something happens to him, they will both need more care. I don’t know how they can continue this way and I am very worried.”

“I grew-up in the area but now live over an hour away. My father lives alone in his house. When I visit I can see that he is having trouble with the stairs, he isn’t eating well and he is so isolated. He refuses to have an aide there 24-hours, but he recently fell and is now in rehab. It’s just not safe for him at home anymore, but I can’t come and look after him when I am so far away. I can’t imagine just leaving him in a nursing home.”

These are the types of calls that Morris Hall receives on a regular basis. Did you know that we’re known as ‘the Sandwiched Generation?  Adult children who are managing their own children, homes, careers–and their aging parents too. We are faced with a difficult challenge: what are the next steps when a parent or elderly relative can no longer stay in their home?

The options can be overwhelming. When in-home care is not enough anymore and  Assisted Living communities may not offer the appropriate level of care. The idea of putting someone in a nursing home can be loaded with guilt, confusion and fear.

Fortunately, the landscape for Skilled Nursing is changing. For Princeton area residents, an innovative alternative option is right in our backyard. Morris Hall Meadows at Lawrenceville was conceived and designed to alleviate this concern and to create a place that is home. It is an elder-centered model with the goal to engage the mind, body and spirit of its Elders, and one that places the maximum possible decision making authority in the hands of the elders themselves, or the individuals closest to them.

Morris Hall Meadows Elders live in actual homes with significantly more privacy and comfort. Each of the thoughtfully designed single-level homes has ten private bed-and-bath suites overlooking beautifully landscaped grounds. Each Elder has a say in how they live and has direct involvement in his or her own care plan. Knowing that their loved one is surrounded by caregivers, Certified Nursing Assistants known as Shahbaz, and nurses that know their loved one personally, brings peace of mind to many spouses, children and friends.

What does a typical day look like for those who live there? It’s up to them. Elders control their own daily routines and rhythms for waking, sleeping, meals, and alone time. They enjoy their home-cooked meals family style and participate in conversation during meals at a large dining room where family and friends are invited to join. They host parties and events, have regular activities and trips just as they would at home. Every step of the way, they are supported by skilled nursing care.

An extension of the St. Lawrence Rehabilitation/Morris Hall campus, Morris Hall Meadows is conveniently located in Lawrenceville, on Franklin Corner Road near the intersection of I-95 and 206. Morris Hall offers a full continuum of care with St. Mary’s Assisted Living, Grace Garden Memory Care, St. Joseph’s Skilled Nursing, rated 5 stars with Medicare and consistently ranked as one of the top nursing homes in NJ by Medicare and US News & World Report and now Morris Hall Meadows at Lawrenceville, a Green House® Skilled Nursing Community.

If you’ve been searching for an innovative option for long-term care for an aging parent or loved one, place a call to Morris Hall Meadows and learn more about their approach to care, their offerings and their beautiful campus.

Morris Hall Admissions
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