Princeton’s Scoop for Back to School Success: Mindprint Learning


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Princeton’s Scoop for Back to School Success

It’s no secret to parents in the Princeton area that our schools are exceptional. It’s one of the reasons so many of us are raising our families here. But no matter how good the school, small the class size, and skilled the teacher, every child has bumps along the road. And parents, more often than not, instinctively sense when those problems are more than a passing phase. And yet it’s not entirely clear what parents should do.

The good news is that technology now enables us to understand learning needs in an affordable, convenient, and confidential way. It’s fitting that one of the most advanced and accurate innovations in helping parents gain this insight was developed by a Princeton start-up, Mindprint Learning. The one-hour, at-home assessment is taken online. It provides detailed, accurate information on a child’s learning strengths and weaknesses in relation to same-aged peers. But it doesn’t use labels. Instead, it provides easy-to-follow strategies to make homework and learning easier. The family decides if they want to share the unique learning profile with the school for extra support or extra stimulation.

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Mindprint’s assessment was developed in Penn Medicine’s Brain Behavior Lab. NASA uses the adult version with their astronauts because it captures the subtle strengths and needs of even the most capable learners. So before the relaxed pace of summer flies away, spend a spare hour on the Mindprint site. Many children say the experience feels more like a game because there are no math problems or reading comprehension passages. Mindprint is simply the most effective way to prepare for the new school year – knowing just what your little scoop (ages & up) needs to be successful.  And, if you choose, share the scoop with your new teacher for even greater rewards.

The Mindprint platform is available nationwide for $199, but you’ve just been given a Princeton scoop! And it comes with a 20% off coupon. Use the code: PScoop20 at checkout.

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