10 Questions: Princeton Tour Company Founder Mimi Omiecinski


Mimi O. Princeton Tour CompanyName: Mimi Omiecinski

Occupation: Founder of Princeton Tour Company

Where do you live? Downtown Princeton


Best meal you’ve ever eaten (what, where, with who?)  The best meal I’ve eaten in Princeton was the first meal when Steve (my husband) told me we were really moving into the heart of downtown.  He made my dreams come true over a Phat Lady from Hoagie Haven!  TRUE!

Favorite Social Media Hash Tag?  #princeton

Favorite form of exercise?  Ironically, walking is my favorite exercise.

Ice cream flavor?  Chocolate

Princeton’s biggest secret?  Oh gosh, I love this question.  There’s SO MANY!  I’d normally say the funny ones …. Princeton was home to the last train robbery in America or Einstein’s brain really was stolen.  Most shocking secret to me was finding out Einstein’s ashes really are in Princeton but only three people know exactly where the ashes were placed.

Favorite App?  This Day in History

Most used expression?  TRUE!

Favorite Season in Princeton?  No hesitation on this one ….. Autumn!

What is your favorite motto?  There is a price to pay for speaking the truth.  There is a bigger price to pay for living a lie. – Dr. Cornel West

What inspired you to start the Princeton Tour Company?  When I moved to Princeton I became completely infatuated with the architecture, community spirit, the many notable scholars, tycoons and community leaders.  When my girlfriends would visit I would show them around Princeton and gush about my new hometown.  Frankly, they got a little tired of it!  My best friend finally told me I had become a one-note orchestra and I should just start a tour business.  The idea clicked and I asked my son, Stosh, how he would feel if I started giving tours.   He encouraged me to jump in with both feet so for six years I gave 100% of the biking, walking, trolley and ghost tours.  Now we have seven tour guides, all completely in love with Princeton!

As told to by Carolyn Walsh for PrincetonScoop




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