Locals help to build a school in the D.R.


Princeton is a caring community that helps those in need. Lori Rotz, Princeton High School Assistant Principal, is a great example of how the Princeton community is helping others. Rotz will take part of a service project that will help build a school in a small mountainous farming community in the Dominican Republic, from December 4th to the 11th.

Rotz, along with other U.S. school administrators, principals and local volunteers, will help build a school, perform block and concrete work, apply stucco and paint school classrooms. There will be an opportunity to visit members of the Constanza community and learn more about their lives, families, traditions and the Dominican culture.

“I see how our own school community is so giving — our PHS students are involved in so many service projects,” said Rotz. “I wanted to reach deep within and do something we do here every day, but experience it in a different country.”

Rotz will appear in a live video feed where students and others can hear first-hand about her experiences on the trip. Anyone interested in contributing on Rotz’s behalf is welcomed to do so at http://www.lifetouchmemorymission.com  For more information, please contact Lori Rotz at 609-806-4280 or lori_rotz@princetonk12.org

By Gabby Castelan for PrincetonScoop


Lifetouch organized this life-changing trip to the Dominican Republic. Lifetouch is a provider of school photography, which has established Lifetouch Memory Missions to help communities in need all around the world.

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