Let Me Run Central NJ 5K


Central NJ Let Me Run’s inaugural 5K will take place on Saturday, June 3rd at Hopewell Elementary, beginning 8:30 a.m.

“Coach, today has been the best day of my life!” — 4th Grade Let Me Run Boy

Since 2012 when the region’s first team piloted in Hopewell, NJ, 394 boys have run on 34 Let Me Run teams in the Central NJ area. This year, over 100 boys from 8 different schools are expected to run in our region’s inaugural race!

With a national growth rate of over 60% per year, the need for Let Me Run is obvious. As boys in our society are being told that the only acceptable emotions are anger and aggression, Let Me Run proves otherwise by teaching boys about empathy and the power
of encouragement. Boys from 23 states are participating in Let Me Run this spring, building the total roster to 13,000 boys.

Online registration is open and ready for participants to register: Click here for the link!

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