It’s the little things….


Whether it involves chocolate bunnies, decorating a tree, or carving pumpkins, there are always reasons to celebrate this life. Holidays give us all the opportunity to spend time with the people we love, decorate for the season and honor family traditions. However, Thanksgiving is the one holiday that allows us all to pause for a beat and remind ourselves of everything around us that we are grateful for. When asked, “What are you thankful for?” the common response is usually, “Family, friends and good health”. But what about the little things that fall through the cracks that make up the bigger picture of happiness?

This year try to keep in mind all of the tiny bits of joy that make a difference each day. The smile of someone you love, the kindness of a stranger, the warmth of your bed.  Sometimes it is the small things that make life extraordinary. Thanksgiving isn’t only about the fourth Thursday of November…it’s about those little things you love, each ounce of luck, every funny memory, and being able to appreciate and be thankful for the moment while it’s there, each and every day.

So this Thanksgiving before you carve that turkey or watch the big game, share something unique that you are grateful for with those around you. Perhaps something that may seem so simple, but makes all the difference in the world to YOU.  After all, this is the beginning of the season for sharing.

 * * *

Jessica Cortese is a freelance writer and journalism student at The College of New Jersey. She is thankful for her dogs, laughter and inspirational music.

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