iOS 8 – wait to update

There has been a lot of buzz (mostly great) about Apple’s latest upgrades.  Unfortunately it also appears that the new iOS 8 upgrade has certain connectivity problems that could cause MicroSoft Exchange to not function correctly on upgraded iPhones or iPads.  The latest release of iOS 8.2 still seems to have issues for some, but not all, Exchange users as well.  You can see a sample report here.  Please note this issue does not appear to affect new iPhone 6 or 6 plus phones.

Our tech friends over at suggest you not upgrade to iOS 8 until this issue is resolved with a new update.
In fact, they always suggest waiting a reasonable period before applying new updates on any technology as a rule to avoid any unexpected performance issues.

If you have already upgraded to iOS 8 & you are having problems connecting to your email and other services with your iPhone 5 or earlier, here are some suggestions on rolling back if you feel comfortable trying this yourself.  Alternatively they recommend an Apple store visit to help resolve this issue with their devices.






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