How to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Successful Child

The health of our community’s children is an important issue, especially to the concerned parents of the greater Princeton community. In order to keep up with parental concerns, Princeton Regional School District is making it easier for parents in the community to focus on the health and wellness of their children. The Princeton Regional School will be hosting the final presentation this year that will conclude the popular Princeton Balance Speaker’s series. Caring parents from all over Princeton should attend the event that will appeal to all regardless of your child’s grade level.

“More Natural and More Nothing: How to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Successful Child” by Gabrielle Principe, Associate Professor of Psychology at Ursinus College and author of Your Brain on Childhood (Prometheus, 2011), will be leading the presentation.  Principe, a developmental psychologist, has dedicated herself to translating research about human development into information teachers and parents can use to educate and better rear children. Because Principe is mother, she doesn’t use the scientific research alone; she combines it with her determination to bring freedom and fun back to parenting and childhood.

This final meeting will be held at Princeton High School, Performing Arts Center (PAC), 151 Moore St.  Remember to bring an open mind for your children’s best interest on Monday, April 23, at 7:30 p.m. For more information please contact Assenka Oksiloff, Communications Manager for Princeton Regional Schools, at (609) 806-4215.

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