Local, Healthy and Sustainably Grown Food delivered to Central New Jersey residents.

Harvest Routes, a start-up company based in Hamilton, NJ, is on a mission to make local food easily available to Central New Jersey families.  Every Wednesday afternoon, Harvest Routes delivers a box of the freshest locally grown products directly from the farm to their subscribers.

Harvest Routes was born out of a passion for improving the way people relate to their food and making the most nutritious local and seasonal foods available to consumers through convenient and affordable means.

“At Harvest Routes we want to help consumers pull back the curtain and see first-hand where their food comes from and how it is produced.   All the products are local and fresh, so consumers will be pleased with the noticeable difference,” says Harvest Routes founder Paul Falcigno.  “Once people discover the benefits of knowing their food’s story, a unique bond is developed.  People begin to truly value what they use to nourish their bodies.  It’s a bond that is hard to break.”

For a small weekly fee, each subscriber will enjoy a seasonal ‘Harvest Basket’ of local, organic vegetables, and one dozen free-range eggs delivered to three drop-off points in downtown Princeton and two drop-off points in Hamilton.   Other products such as raw honey and grass-fed meats are available, as well.  The products are sourced from small sustainably run farms located in Hopewell, Yardville, Chesterfield, and New Egypt.

The company also aims to play a role in the fight against our nation’s diabetes and obesity problems.  “Humans are habitual and our habits arise from the environment in which we live.  Harvest Routes helps subscribers easily establish good eating habits by providing access to the best food they can buy for themselves and their families,” says Falcigno.

To learn more about Harvest Routes and the mission to provide a new and new fully conscious direction for Central New Jersey Residents please visit http://www.harvest-routes.com

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