Happy 5 year anniversary PrincetonScoop!

Our Five Year Anniversary : A love letter to you


PS We love youApril 5th, 2014.  You and PrincetonScoop .  We’ve been together for 5 years now.  We’ve had our sunny summer days, our hurricanes and enough of the polar vortex to last the next 10 years. We’ve watched Princeton unify, hospitals change location, and small local events grow to attract folks from far away.  We’ve watched restaurants come and go, stores change names and farmer’s markets popping up everywhere.

We went from 9  (our inner circle) to 9500+ likes on Facebook.  12 to 6700+ on Twitter. And Instagram is our new darling….watch that space for entertainment and prizes!!

We’ve been through countless website revisions…actually I can count.  The 4th incarnation OR Scoop 4.0 is coming soon.  But believe me, since we are in our 5th year Scoop 5.0 will be released this year as well.  And that my friends….is alot of work.  A work of love.

A business is much like a marriage.  You know there will be highs and lows…hopefully more highs than lows… but most of the time status quo can be nice for a brief pause before you find the need to shift.  Transition is where we always exist.  If this, then that…..how can we be better – that’s our ever-evolving question filled with googles of answers.

This is PrincetonScoop’s year to shift and we’re pretty darn excited about it.  You’ll see us all over instagram, our website will be chock full of what you need to know and ready 24/7 when you suddenly need to know what you never knew about the Greater Princeton area.

We are going to tell you what we love to order at local restaurants, where to take the kids for a day trip, what’s on sale where and what to do on Saturday night.

You should know by now that we are nice. We have always played fair and we promise to continue to do that.  But this year you might see a little swagger in our brand.  5 years has taught us alot about this area which we all inhabit.  We have come to learn what you like, what you hate, & that the weather is a topic we can mention on Facebook and expect upwards of 50+  likes and comments.

We want to make you like us more and promise to woo you.

Woo & Swagger is where we are, it’s our 5th year theme.  We hope you like it and maybe even love us… and please continue to let us know thru your “likes”, comments,  retweets and shares what makes you smile, turns your head or makes you feel, well, like you are being wooed.

A big kiss to the Scoop team who has worked earnestly to uncover and discover what makes this area so very special.  And a hearty, heartfelt thank you to our fans and followers who we work for and with to deliver content that informs, motivates and inspires you to really explore just how very much is happening in our area.

5 years down…many more to come.

Your founder,

Melissa Hall Klepacki


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