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So, this is where I admit that not only do I watch The Bachelor, but also it’s the only show I watch religiously.  Yes, I am fully aware that precious hours of my life are passing before my eyes that I will never get back. Pathetic, I know, but it’s cheaper than medication. My other current passion is, I think, more socially acceptable: It’s Twitter and my obsession is well demonstrated by the fact that I am the only one at present who actually enjoys updating the Twitter stream on a minute-by-minute basis (it seems) for Princeton Scoop.

We’ve harbored a deep-seated need to get people engaged with Twitter, mainly because we want you to follow PrincetonScoop on Twitter (@PrincetonScoop) because we believe there is power in numbers, and because we want you to really understand how much fun Twitter can be. In the past, we had failed to come up with a good working example of this, that is, until last night…

As I sat watching last night’s episode of The Bachelor, laptop on my lap and TweetDeck open on the screen (note: TweetDeck is a cool dashboard for Twitter where you can watch multiple streams at the same time, but that’s kind of advanced for someone who doesn’t even have a Twitter account yet … hint hint) I happened to glance at the dashboard and saw a tweet come across the stream about The Bachelor.  This is what it said:

@jenniferweiner: “Every time we kiss it’s like running on a treadmill.” That sounds remarkably un-fun. #bachelor

It was in response to Jake, the Bachelor, kissing Tenley, one of the several objects of his affection, and it was written by best-selling author and Princeton grad Jennifer Weiner. The comment was so spot-on and hilarious that I went to Jennifer’s Twitter page so I could follow her tweets for the duration of the show. Some of my favorites included:

“I am so in love with these three women.” Maybe it’s the booze talking, but that just doesn’t sound right. #bachelor

Whoa. If he gives Gia a rose, I think we can all see two big reasons why. #bachelor

Tenley gets a rose! Maybe this will make up for the pain of her divorce! Which she had. By the way. #bachelor

Other guffaw-inducing tweets that came across the feed from other folks included:

Does Wet Seal make wedding dresses? Cause if so, I’m pretty sure Vienna’s gonna be rockin’ one soon #bachelor

Chris Harrison! Bestow upon us your sage wisdom, oh oracle! #bachelor

Whoever the #bachelor picks is going to be pissed when she watches this episode!

So do we think Gia will take the necklace off her wrist now? I’d sell that thing on Ebay. #bachelor

(For you The Bachelor fans out there, you can search #bachelor and see all the tweets from people all over the world who are watching the show at the same time.)

 If you didn’t/don’t/won’t watch The Bachelor we can still be friends and you can still hang with Twitter.  You can find and follow commentary on just about any subject (the Olympics, Neil Patrick Harris, foreign policy) with the brilliance of Twitter. It’s fun to hear what your peers are saying and get in on the conversation. So, pick a topic you are passionate about, go to, and type in the word or phase that best describes your preoccupation. You’ll see what people are saying about that subject *right now*.

We hope you’ll get how cool it is. Then we hope you’ll get yourself a super-chic Twitter account of your own and start following us @PrincetonScoop. Once you do that, the whole world will be your oyster! Just be sure to send us a shout out and say “Hey!” —MK

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