Fake it like you made it.

By Nicole Marino Matthews

I.m a busy gal. I used to have time to cook meals that I read about in Gourmet Magazine *which is now closed so apparently I.m not the only one with much less time these days which makes me feel better* I then tried Rachel Ray.s 10 minute meals, but who was I kidding? Even that was too time consuming on some days. But I am a Mom who has a family of four to feed, what was I to do? Meet my little white lie.. Dolce and Clemente Italian Market in Robbinsville. I refer to this as my white lie because there are many days I strap my two kids in the stroller right before Oprah to pick up my homemade dinner for the night. My go-to favorites, in no particular order: the eggplant parm, chicken marsala, vodka rigatoni and stuffed artichokes. As soon as I get home with the family dinner I toss out the evidence *read plastic to-go containers* to heat it up as my own. My husband may or may not be aware of said lie. Although we.ve been married for 5 years and I.ve never .made. chicken marsala until Dolce and Clemente opened, he seems so content…why rock the boat?

It just gets better folks..as Dolce and Clemente does catering. I.ve used them more times than I.d like to admit, from big 1st birthdays to having in-laws over for a Sunday Supper. Yes, even I have .faked it like I made it. to my mother in law. it happens.

If that wasn.t enough to make you hop in your car with a sense of relief, Dolce and Clemente also has a fantastic selection of authentic Italian products, meats, cheeses and other yummy delights. They do fantastic gift baskets if you are headed to someone.s house for Thanksgiving.

Dolce and Clemente is located inside the Washington Town Center Lofts, 2 North Commerce Square in Robbinsville. http://www.dolceandclementes.com/index.html

Buon Appetito!

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