My dirty little secret….Amazon Prime.

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I love to shop locally.  But sometimes it’s just not possible.  Like when my second grader comes home from school with a letter that says “Please bring 2 plain white tshirts to school on Wednesday” and I am only seeing this letter Monday morning as I tuck his lunch into his backpack.  Or when we get a late invitation to a birthday party and the present closet is empty.  As a working mom I can’t always run out to the toy store or clothing store.  In these cases I use  And not just Amazon but my Amazon Prime account.

Not only do I get FREE 2-day shipping on anything marked Prime without a minimum but I also have access to watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes instantly and I can borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

This week I ordered Spry toothpaste.  It flouride free and made with Xylitol.  It’s expensive and hard to find so I bulk ordered 6 and it only cost me $6 a tube instead of $8.50.  And 2 day free shipping!!  In fact, I always find deals with Amazon Prime.

They have a great gluten-free section in their grocery department.  My little guy and I are both recently gluten-free so I use Amazon Prime to search for new products.  With 2 day free shipping I always have new snacks to try in the house.  The latest was these Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Chewy bars.

The cost to join Amazon Prime program is $99 a year but if you take into account you can drop your Netflix account at $8 a month (or $96) plus you get the free lending library and free shipping the whole year long you’ll see what a great deal it is.

Not convinced?  Try the FREE 30 day AMAZON PRIME TRIAL:

To sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial, your account must have a current, valid credit card. Payment options such as an line of credit, Brand Business Cards, checking accounts, pre-paid credit cards, or gift cards cannot be used.  To sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial:

  1.  Go to Amazon Prime Free Trial.
  2.  Click Start my free trial.
  3.  Follow the on-screen instructions if prompted.

You are enrolled in the free trial of Amazon Prime and have access to the benefits of FREE two-day shipping, unlimited Prime Instant Video, and access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. For more information about Amazon Prime, go to Amazon Prime Terms & Conditions.

PS. I have a friend that ordered a refrigerator for her garage and it was delivered for free in two days.  Genius.


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