Didja know you can make your own wine here in NJ?


Do you know about the Grape Escape?

Tom and Nancy Nye founded the Grape Escape in Dayton, NJ (just a 20 minute drive from Princeton) in 2004, motivated by their desire to .escape. the daily rigors and hassles of life. The Grape Escape offers a hands-on experience in wine-making while relaxing with friends and family. Their original plan was to start a vineyard, but after extensive research, Tom and Nancy agreed the best scenario would be to share the winemaking experience with as many people as possible. Tom’s desire to teach, combined with his winemaking techniques, and Nancy’s desire to entertain and create a social environment, have made The Grape Escape what it is today. A place for adults to come relax, have fun and enjoy unbelievable wines!

Tom and Nancy Nye invite you to Dayton N.J.’s working winery where you are invited to participate in producing your own premium wine. Grapes are shipped in from Chile and Argentina in the Spring and prestigious regions in Northern California in the Fall. 4 hands-on winemaking sessions over a 10 month period are assisted by their experienced & award winning winemakers.

Visit 1: You de-stem and CRUSH your selected grapes.

Visit 2: You PRESS your grapes: 7-14 days after primary fermentation begins, you will use a wine press to extract the juices from the “must” and fill oak barrels with your emerging wine.

Visit 3: You RACK your wine You will learn how to rack your wine and remove lees (sediment) from your barrel. The barrel will then be “topped off.”

Visit 4: Congratulations! You may now bottle your wine and affix customized labels.

Pricing obviously depends on how much wine you want to create, with 30 bottles of wine starting at $355 (which is under $12 a bottle and makes a great gift!)

They are having an Open House this Thursday from 6-8 pm which is a great time to check them out for yourselves. Tell .em PrincetonScoop sent you.

The Grape Escape

12 Stults Road,

Dayton, NJ


Open House Thurday 6-8 pm w/ food from Blue Bottle Cafe and wine tasting. Music by Darla Rich Trio. Free., www.thegrapeescape.net

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