Crave: ONE53 Thursday night @ 6:30 pm


Such a super cool event in our backyard. Thursday night @ billionaires vineager6:30 pm Book Signing @ One 53 , 153 Washington Street, Rocky Hill, 609-921-0153

Books available for purchase there.

Benjamin Wallace, author of ‘Billionaire’s Vinegar’ will sign copies of his books in the restaurant’s wine cellar. Optioned to Will Smith to produce as a film, the plot revolves around an expensive bottle of wine sold for $156,000. Discount on wine and food for the evening. If you want to eat dinner you will definetly need a reservation.

Want a preview of who this dude is? Check out his TED talk (and if you don’t know about the TED talks prepare to be engrossed….the website has the best minds, the hottest ideas, and coolest people around)

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