5 Reasons Why Families Love Cherry Hill Nursery School


When it comes time for your little ones to head off to nursery school, making the decision of which school is the right choice for your family can be hard! We’ve always found talking to friends and neighbors is a great way to get real experiences. A happy child is a happy mom! We recently found out the top 5 reasons why families love Cherry Hill Nursery School or CHNS as it is known to it’s students.



5 Reasons Why Families Love Cherry Hill Nursery School

The facility!

Cherry Hill Nursery School is blessed with so many lovely features, but at the top of the list are is their awesome playground, sun-filled classrooms and nature preserve. The playground is huge, shaded, secure and adorned with several play structures, picnic tables, playhouses, swings and much more! Each classroom is flooded with daylight as they all look out onto the playground and have individual access to the outside. The school also shares borders with hundreds of acres of preserved land and the students take advantage of this all year long.

The teachers!
The teachers at CHNS, most of whom have been there for decades, bring their love of early childhood education and support the development of social skills through gentle, respectful guidance and taking the time to get to know each individual child.

The curriculum!
CHNS is play based and child centered. They utilize a developmentally appropriate approach to teaching literacy, math, science and cultures.  Lessons are fluid and follow the children’s own unique interests.

Parent Involvement!
The opportunity to observe, participate and influence your child’s first school experience is a highlight for CHNS families. Many close friendships are formed and the school becomes the “village” that supports and nurtures every family.

Children have the opportunity to enjoy music, dancing, games, yoga, story time and plenty of arts and crafts.  Cherry Hill Nursery School prides themselves on letting kids be kids through messy artwork, water play, gardening, nature walks and anywhere else their limitless imaginations take them!

Cherry Hill Nursery School is located at 50 Cherry Hill Road, Princeton, NJ  08540
For more information check out their website or call (609) 921-0489

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