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Last year I tried “Juiceless January” which meant no alcohol for the month of January and found it a good test of how ‘in control’ of my drinking I was.  Happy to report it wasn’t too hard and I also made a few habit shifts to support a healthier lifestyle.  It was a great way to start the new year.  And then…I went back to most of the old habits over the course of 2010 but that’s another story…

This year I decided to really go for it.  I asked myself the question, “What if I spent one month being the healthiest I could possibly be” and then the follow up question, “What does that exactly look like for me?” 

Obviously the answer to the first question was a resounding  “Let’s go for it!” and the second answer is a work in progress.

To start, for the month of January I will do my best to eat a plant-based, wholefoods diet excluding dairy, chicken, meat, fish, eggs, sugar, alcohol, coffee and wheat.  That means most things that come in a bag or box are off limits, eating out will prove challenging and I have mostly cleared the social calendar so I can take it easy.  I want to be asleep by 10 pm each night.  I will drink 8 glasses of pure water each day – the first one in the morning with half a lemon squeezed into it.   I hope to take in a few saunas and soaks at Onsen For All as well as finish my month with some colon hydrotherapy.  (Seriously, they say we are all walking around with between 3-5 lbs of impacted fecal matter and frankly, I want it OUT!) (Also, I will not be reporting the details of aforementioned internal cleansing other than to give it a thumbs up or down so you can rest easy…)  I also am considering a 5-day juice fast smack in the middle of the month.  2 acupuncture sessions are on the roster and one massage for me should just about do it.

And exercise.  Right, need to fit that in as well and am thinking a combination of Yoga and simply walking should do the trick.  I don’t suspect I will want to push myself to the limits this month.  I will save that for the half-marathon I plan to run this fall with you all….that’s right, I am going to rope you into running with PrincetonScoop.  But that training doesn’t start until May so you have plenty of time to mull it over.

So this all began January 1st when I opened my eyes and drank my first lemon water.  It hasn’t been too rough.  Saturday night I had a bean burrito sans wheat tortilla with brown rice, vegan cheese and tofutti sour cream that wasn’t half bad.  I made a yummy brown rice and coconut milk porridge the next morning and added fresh berries that was actually delicious.  I think there will be quite a few stir-frys in my future.  Tonight it’s vegetarian chili which I am sure my husband won’t love.  I told him he’ll lose weight this month either way…eating my whole foods or not eating at all.  Will experiment with Quinoa, barley and lentils and all sorts of smoothies made with Dr. Schulze’s  Superfood Plus Powder  which I have been using for quite awhile.

My goals are a clearer mind, feeling more grounded and more energy.  Time will tell….

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Melissa Hall Klepacki is the Founder of PrincetonScoop and is doing her best to hold it all together while embarking on this nutritional healing trip of sorts.  Getting healthy takes work as she is discovering…unfortunately there is no app for that!

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