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Gary Conlon, Irish Advocate for the Wrongly Convicted, will be speaking on behalf of the Centurion Ministries in Princeton’s Garden Theatre on Tuesday, April 10th. Conlon will give his personal perspective about the film In the Name of the Father, which is based on events that happened in his life. He will also share his personal story and how it relates to the Centurion Ministries’ work to free the innocent in prison.

Conlon, at the age of 21, was convicted alongside three other people for the bombing of a pub in England in which there were four casualties. Conlon and the other three became known as the Guilford four and Conlon was sentenced to life in prison. After 14 years of imprisonment, Conlon was exonerated in 1989 after it came to light that the evidence against The Four was unreliable.

With cases similar to Conlon, Centurion Ministries’ goal to inform and receive support from the public, gains more momentum. “It’s about continuing to enlighten people about wrongful convictions. “Said Kate Germond, Director of Centurion Ministries’. “We are very excited for the opportunity for him [Gary Conlon] to come to Princeton and share his personal story and especially how it relates to the ongoing work of Centurion Ministries to free the innocent in prison.  This is a special opportunity for our community, which has been so supportive of our work through the years.”

Based in Princeton, Centurion Ministries has worked to successfully free 48 men and women from serving life and death sentences in prison. Centurion Ministries take the cases others have rejected and place their efforts on difficult street investigations. Since many of their clients cannot count with any access to funds, Centurion bears all costs for working the cases. With gifts and grants provided by individuals, private foundations and places of faith, Centurion has been able to provide their services to help those who need to be heard and given a chance to be proven innocent.

Come and support this Princeton-based organization that drastically changes lives. The doors to the Garden Theater open at 5:15 pm and the presentation begins at 5:45 pm. Tickets are a tax-deductible, charitable donation of $100, which will go to helping Centurion in their fight for freeing those wrongly convicted. Sponsor levels are also available. For more information, please visit www.centurionministries.org

By Gabby Castelan for PrincetonScoop

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