Green Living Ideas for Spring & Summer

We are happy to be featuring a post from local blogger, Amanda Schoonover, author of a thrifty hippie – a go-to for creative, green & inspirational posts. Read on for Amanda’s ideas on how to enjoy the spring & summer while minimizing your impact on planet earth. – PrincetonScoop

“Ah, springtime. The rebirth of nature, when every friend and neighbor sheds their layers to spend happy hours in the cool sunshine. The child in me awakens, igniting an unquenchable thirst for dirt under my fingernails, fresh air in my lungs, and long days spent in the great outdoors.

There’s a lot to look forward to with spring approaching, especially for those of us who are eco-minded. Here are some simple low-impact living ideas you can take advantage of this spring and summer.

Spring cleaning. Although I do this at the end of every season, I especially find joy in it during the spring. I go through my house and closet, purging it of articles of clothing, kitchenware, and electronics that I haven’t used in the past three months. My general rule is if I can’t remember the last time I used it, it’s got to go.

Soul cleaning. This time of year also means a lot to me emotionally and spiritually. Usually during this time I analyze the negative habits I may have adopted over the winter: shows I’ve been watching that may not be uplifting; that winter-time sugar addiction I can’t break; etc. Map out all the bad habits you’ve formed over the cold months and set goals for yourself to be better this season.

Organic gardening. Okay, I have a confession to make. I’ve never actually had a true garden. But I want one. So bad. Our little cottage is smack dab in the middle of a very flourishing forest, which makes it very difficult to grow. If you’ve been composting this winter, it’s time to put it to good use. Speaking of, it’s never too late to start composting. Learn more about how to start your own organic garden.

Walking/biking/taking public transportation. Wondering which buses run from your house to the office? Curious if there’s a bike path to take, instead? Click here for Google Maps. Select your means of transportation and go!

Farmer’s markets. I love eating in season and local. Spring means fresh herbs, arugula, asparagus, spinach and more. Although I love a good potato or butternut squash, spring brings a diversity of delicious produce. Get out there and support your local farmers! Find a farmer’s market near you, or go straight to the source, like Terhune Orchards, Cherry Grove Farm, and Doublebrook Farm.

Spending time outdoors. Do you best to keep local spots clean. Gather some friends to pick up trash on the coast or in nearby woods. Support state and national parks as well as other outdoor organizations that help preserve nature.

Outdoor workouts. Ditch your gym membership. Instead, opt for outdoor workouts. They’re free and require less energy than running on a treadmill or taking a hot yoga class. Hiking, biking, going for walks, climbing trees—all good stuff. Nix the gym membership, unplug and get some fresh air and Vita D! It will probably lift your spirits along with your derriere.

What are you looking forward to doing this season? I challenge you to pick one or two major initiatives to embark on this month. Will you start prepping your backyard for an organic veggie garden? Will you purchase a monthly bus pass and take it to work instead of driving your car? Brainstorm up two ideas and feel free to post them on the blog if you’d like some accountability. Sharing also may help you stick to your plan.

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Amanda Schoonover is a writer and photographer passionate about frugal and low-impact living. Her blog, a thrifty hippie, features simple tips on how to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle on a budget.

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