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In today’s world, it seems like every week there is a new social media or other online trend. One site that has exploded in popularity in recent months is Pinterest, a wildly creative website that is creating buzz among users, retailers, and social media buffs alike.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pin board of sorts. With an account, you create boards onto which you can organize links that you find on the site or through your own online surfing. You can install a “pin it” button on your toolbar, which allows you to click it when you find something interesting somewhere on the web—a photo, a recipe, a fabulous purse while online shopping—and the site will “grab” the link and post it to one of your boards. It works a bit like a “bookmarks” or “favorites” list, but is much more visual and allows all of your friends to see what you’re collecting. When someone views your boards and clicks on a pin, it will take him or her directly to the original site of the pin.

How do I use it?

Pinterest is the ultimate procrastination tool. Be warned—when you join, you will spend hours surfing through the endless pins already posted. That said, it’s a fabulous website that helps you find recipes, interesting products, and fun do-it-yourself projects. When you join, you can link your page with your Facebook profile, which allows you to easily follow your Facebook friends who are already on Pinterest. The catch is, you need to be “invited” to join. Ask a friend to send you a request, or add yourself to the “invite” list.  Once you’re in, create boards on any topic you like. Some of my personal favorites are favorite recipes, fashion and clothing, and craft and organization ideas, but Pinterest has searchable categories for any topic you can think of. If you’re planning a party, they’ve got pins for that. If you’re looking for new shoes, they’ve got pins for that. If you’re looking for a new cake recipe, they’ve got pins for that.

Get pinning!

By Stefanie Vitale for PrincetonScoop

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