A movie that amazes.

There are movies that manage to move you so deeply they leave you with the want to get up and help. “Born into Brothels” is that type of film. This documentary shakes you to your very core and shows you a side to life that you have never thought children would be exposed to.

Children born to mothers that work in the red-light district have very limited opportunities of success. “Born to Brothels” takes a closer look at the way people live in a poor area of Kolkota, India but specifically focuses on a few children. As the children are being introduced, the reality that the girls might end up in prostitution and the boys turning into pimps or addicts, really strikes when seeing their photographs. Photography becomes their escape from reality by turning their lives into a form of art and giving them hope for a better future.

At some point in the film, it may have seemed as though the children were on their way to escaping the brothels with help being offered and their art gaining recognition, but the past managed to catch up to one of them, Avijit Halder, by violently taking away his mother.

(SPOILER ALERT ** Dont read this if you haven’t seen it) Through a miraculous turn of events all of the children were given the chance to go to boarding school to create a better future for themselves. Unfortunately, as the documentary ended, it was mentioned that only two of the children stayed in school because their parents did not allow them to get an education and pulled them out, or they left of their own free will.

The story does not end there because The West Windsor Arts Council will start the Friday Film Series of 2012 with “Born to Brothels” and one of the children featured in the film, Avijit Halder, will make an appearance after the film. The NYU graduate student of film, will talk about his experiences during the film and give you insight into what went on after the cameras were turned off.

This may not be your typical Friday-night-film, but it is definitely worth watching! If you have any question please contact the West Windsor Arts Center at 609.716.1931.

March 16th at 7:30 pm  at the West Windsor Arts Council, 952 Alexander Road (in the historic Princeton Junction Firehouse.)

-By Gabriella Castelan for PrincetonScoop

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