9.2.10: Be Our P.S. Guest: Have Some Pie

As you know, we have a bevy of all-knowing, fabulous friends who we call on to bring their unique P.O.V. on a variety of local topics to our blogosphere. Today’s post is compliments of Sarah Vander Schaaff: mother of two and the word-slinger behind Lunch Box Mom, a weekly blog dedicated to the vast and varied issues relating to the “hood” of parent. In this installment, Sarah goes off the parenting radar to discuss her preoccupation with pie, specifically of the Griggstown Quail Farm (cherry) variety.


In celebration of National Dairy Month this June, I participated in a Webinar sponsored by the authors of the cookbook, Real Food Has Curves, the national Web site for women Mamapedia, and The California Milk Advisory Board. After an informative lecture, I was one of a hundred or so “mom bloggers” asked to draft a piece tying together into one, concise blog all of the information about healthful eating. Two lucky bloggers would have their piece posted by Mamapedia for millions of moms to read.

I’m from the dairy state of Wisconsin, so touting the wonders of milk and dairy products was not hard for me. In fact, my state’s devotion to dairy is so ingrained that, in 1967, it was the last state in the union to repeal restrictions on butter’s arch rival, margarine. However, combining the ethos of the cookbook with the mission of the dairy industry and my desire to make it on the national stage was a bit of a challenge. So, I thought of something a nutritionist at the Webinar said: The best way to get the vitamin D synthesis from sunlight and the benefits of real diary was to drink a nice, cold glass of milk—in the sun. Well, great, I thought, but if I’m drinking a glass of milk in the sun, I’m going to want something to go with it. And at this time of year, that “something” has got to be cherry pie.

Last November, I wrote a post for the PrincetonScoop blog about the wonderful pies at the Village Bakery in Lawrenceville. (You’d think all I wrote and thought about was pie.) Honestly, I’ve lived a full life between Thanksgiving and now, but cherry pie, well, that begs an encore. In fact, the description of the cherry pie featured in my piece for the blog competition was so captivating that a few readers forgot the post was supposed to be about the wonders of dairy and zeroed in on the pie. All they wanted to know was: “Where do you get that?”

The answer: Griggstown Quail Farm and Market, the best cherry pie I’ve tasted in this part of the country. The farm gets sour cherries shipped from Michigan and make their famous crusts (with zero trans fat) right here in Princeton. Chef Matthew Sytsema says they make about 7,000 cherry pies a year (a fraction of their 40,000 assorted pies in total) and have 3,000 pounds of cherries in stock at a time.

You can order a homemade cherry pie ($15 each) on the Griggstown Web site; scoop one up at the Griggstown farm store on Canal Road (entrance is on Bunker Hill Road) in Princeton; or off a cart at one of the many farmers markets they attend in the area.

Well, my post, on pie—I mean milk—was selected as a winner. It ran on the Mamapedia site with a lovely photo of a slice of cherry pie. Milk has never been so upstaged. Griggstown Quail Farm, 986 Canal Rd, Princeton; 908.359.5218 or griggstownquailfarm.com.

Sarah Vander Schaaff writes the weekly blog on parenthood, Lunch Box Mom, that is usually not at all about food. Standing on a soapbox, or lunchbox, however, often works up an appetite. Check out her blogs, which take both comic and serious looks at parenting issues at lunchboxmom.blogspot.com or search “Lunch Box Mom” on Facebook to join the community.

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