We don’t generally like to share our very best secrets but this one has to be shared. Imagine this:

SCENARIO 1: You are shopping and you happen upon the most gorgeous suit, dress, blouse you have ever seen but the only one in the store is (at least) one size too big. The price can’t be beat and you know if you don’t buy it right then and there that you’ll miss the chance forever. You think to yourself that if you only had a great tailor/seamstress you’d snap it up.

SCENARIO 2: You just lost (or gasp:gained) a bunch of weight and your most favorite pieces of clothing just don’t fit right anymore. You know you need to have them altered but don’t know of anyone (besides the dry cleaner who hems your pants on occassion) who could possibly fit and fix the 12 pieces you want altered. Plus, standing half naked at the dry cleaner just isn’t your style.

SCENARIO 3: You’ve vintaged shopped and discovered a jacket that you can’t leave behind but the lining needs to be replaced and the sleeves shortened just a bit. It seems like too much work but you buy it anyway (or bought it a year ago and it is hanging in your closet in need of some serious love.)

TAA-DAA. We introduce to you Sylvia Belardo. She puts the A(+) in Alternations. Men’s Suits, Gucci dresses, jeans, skirts, vintage, wedding gowns…you name it, she can fix it. She can change buttons, sew in linings and bodices, and pretty much re-make anything you desire. But here is the Scoop. She comes to your home1 Now, she won’t travel for just a pair of jeans but if you’ve gone through your closet and have a few pieces that need some magic…she’s your gal or donna as they say in Italy (she’s Italian…and one of the lovliest people we’ve met.) Her work is truly unrivaled and she’s got a little bit of magic in those fingers.

She has no website so we’ll share her phone number with you cause we’re nice like that. Sylvia can be reached at 609-577-5496.

Tell her PrincetonScoop sent you and Grazie Mille!

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