10 Questions with Jessica Durrie

Jessica Small WorldName: Jessica Durrie

Occupation: Owner, Small World Coffee

Home: Princeton

10 Questions Answered……

What is on your nightstand?       Water always, treats for my puppy, my reading glasses, and a book or magazine that I can never stay awake to read.

Biggest Vice?     It used to be sugar, but I have trained myself to get over that.  Now it is binging on Netflix.

Most used expression?                 Amazing.

Favorite Social Media Hash Tag?        Yeah no, that’s not me.

Favorite form of exercise?           I have been a runner since I was fifteen.  I love it.  It is my moving meditation.  I solve problems and come up with ideas for my business and my life on those early morning runs.

Favorite Day of the Week?          I’m in retail, they all blur together, but I will go for Sunday.

Princeton’s biggest secret?         Hmmm…I found a great trail the other day that I don’t think many people know about, so I am going to keep that secret.  The Princeton University Art Museum is there for us all to enjoy for free!  They only have 3% of their amazing collection on display at any given time.  Also, Maria Evans from the Arts Council is one of the coolest people in Princeton; she brings boundless creativity to our town.

Favorite Season in Princeton?    The fall.  That’s when I chose to get married recently. I just love the colors and the temperature and getting ready to cozy up.

What is your motto?       I have several.  1.”Love”   2. “Slow Down” 3. That which my sister-in-law gave a my entire family.  She said, “Durries Do”.  There is some truth to that.  We’re a little obsessive about doing things, getting things done, and creating, we are not good at just chilling or sitting around – I’m trying to work on that.  4. “Do it like you mean it”.

Small World Coffee is very community centered and has a great family atmosphere. How do you cultivate these aspects of your business?      I believe in creating community from the inside out.  We focus on our “worldling” family first and do our best to create a great internal community amongst our staff and ensure that everyone feels supported and knows that they matter.  When we are able to create a great worldling community, then it is so much easier to share this authentically with our customers and create great a community-centric business with a family atmosphere.

As told to Carolyn Walsh for PrincetonScoop

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