10 questions: PrincetonScoop Founder Melissa Klepacki

10 questions is summer series of short interviews with people we think are interesting in & around Princeton.  For our first installment we chose to ask our Founder, Melissa Klepacki to answer these questions.

Melissa Klepacki PrincetonScoopName: Melissa Hall Klepacki

Occupation: Founder, PrincetonScoop

Home: Hopewell, NJ

10 Questions…Answered.

What is on your nightstand?       Vitamins, chapstick, a glass of water, a picture of our family and various books I am reading chapters from.

Favorite form of exercise?  Weight-lifting and yoga.

Favorite Social Media Hash Tag?    #lifewithboys

Favorite Day of the Week?  For business: Monday, it’s full of possibility and I’m usually well rested but I wish every day was Saturday with my family.

Princeton’s biggest secret? The Princeton University Art Museum.  It’s rarely crowded and a great place to think.

Most frequented store in/around Princeton? Whole Foods.  I have 2 boys and a husband to feed.

Best meal you’ve ever eaten (what, where, with who?)?  The Setai Hotel in Miami.  A late afternoon steamed artichoke, perfectly done french fries, and a glass of rose wine with my Husband.

Favorite App?  That’s impossible to answer: top 5 are Instagram, Facebook, The Weather Channel, PodCasts & Camera+….I could keep going.

What is your motto? Always, in all ways.

What do you want people to know about PrincetonScoop?  We have a fantastic weekly newsletter that people can get in their inbox if they aren’t following us on a social media channel. (We are @PrincetonScoop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.)  The newsletter features curated weekend happenings in and around Princeton and there is always something for everyone!  We all need to get out and explore this great area we live in.

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