10 Questions: Jon Lambert of Princeton Record Exchange

Jon Lambert

Name: Jon Lambert

Occupation: Owner, Princeton Record Exchange

Home: Nearby Rocky Hill

What is on your nightstand? – A glass of water for our kitties to drink from, a clock radio, a small Buddha statue, and a three-legged pig for good luck!

What is your favorite record/cd at PREX?  – There are thousands of records I love, but my all-time fave is John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”

Best meal you’ve ever eaten (what, where, with who?)- I just had some amazing barbecued brisket at the Prohibition Pig in Vt. with my wife, but “best”?  That’s hard to say.

Biggest vice? -I am a bit of a control freak…does that count?

Favorite social media hash tag? – #princetonrecordexchange (natch!)

Princeton’s Biggest Secret? – I love all the parks around town, but Marquand Park in particular is a little under-used gem with an astonishing variety of rare trees

Favorite store in/around Princeton? – I enjoy cooking, and Savory Spice Shop has an incredible selection with really nice folks working there.

Most frequented store in Princeton? -A tie between Tico’s and Olives.  Love their food for lunch!

What is your motto? -Break the ties that bind

Three musicians, dead or alive, you’d invite to dinner? – I think John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk would make for a lively party!

As told to Carolyn Walsh for PrincetonScoop

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